Welcome to A Longer Living You

Everyone knows that eating healthy is important, and each day we make choices about what to put in our bodies, but knowing which foods will fuel us properly and give us the most energy and nutritional benefit can often be daunting due to the many misleading labels on our food products.

My goal is to help you make the food choices that are right for you and your family.  Choices that will nourish your body, give you energy so you can live your life as strong and healthy as possible.  With proper nutritional guidance, you can begin to make the choices that will help you feel alive, energetic and balanced.  I will also show you how to sift through the maze of misleading information so you can identify genuinely healthy food.  I will show you how to make healthy swaps for some of your family favorites and introduce you to new and exciting foods that your whole family will love.  My site will feature delicious and mouth watering recipes, interactive discussions, food challenges and so much more. You will learn how to eat for better sleep,  identify the foods that will increase your energy, reduce bad cravings and increase good cravings.

Finding balance in a busy life is never easy, but armed with the right support and the right knowledge, you can begin to make the changes that will give you satisfying, lasting results.  So join with me as we embark on an exciting journey that will transform the way you think about food, and give you energy, vitality and a road map for lasting results that will let you enjoy, a longer living YOU!