1 Month Jump start

Now and then, everyone needs a jump start to getting on the right path, but doing it alone can lead to negative self talk, dead ends and excuses which only hinder your progress.  You know this, but yet feel powerless against it.  My 1 Month Jump Start Wellness Plan, is exactly what you need to get EXCITED about starting a new lifestyle and getting on track .  Putting the goals in place to help you succeed along with the proper tools, support and education to make you a success.


My 1 Month Wellness Plan will jump start you in the right direction so you will begin to feel an abundance of energy, and reduced stress.  Learn how to organize, simplify and enjoy life with simple adjustments to your day, which are manageable, enjoyable and lasting.

Your 1 Month Jump Start includes the following:

1 – 45 minute phone consultation and goal setting.  We will put in place, simple daily course corrections that will make a HUGE impact for daily living.

1 – 50 minute health class to be held during the first week of sign up.  This class will include the following:

    • Learn the truth about sugar and where it is  hiding in your everyday foods.

    • How the words “All Natural” on products is misleading.

    • How to crowd out bad food choices for healthy swaps.

    • Learn the importance of self care and how to start making daily changes that will improve your overall well being.

    • Introduction to juicing and blending

1- 45 minute check in and evaluation at the half way point.

1 – 45 minute final review.

Email Support

There is no time like the present to start making the changes you have been longing to make.  And doing it now has never been easier because you are not doing it alone.  Knowing you have support and guidance will lead to the lasting changes you want to make, but have not been able to … until now.